Abortion statistics in new zealand

Abortion in new zealand is legal in cases where the pregnant woman faces a danger to her life statistics new zealand – abortion statistics from. Abortion statistics record the number and rate of induced abortions registered in new zealand we produce and publish these statistics on behalf of the abortion.

Availability of abortion statistics reliable abortion data is available from 1980 data prior to this date is available, however, the quality of this data is questionable prior to the enactment of the hospitals amendment act of 1975, there was no legal requirement to report the performance of abortion in new zealand.

Abortion statistics in new zealand-----as of december 2011-----key facts in the year ended december 2011: 15,863 abortions were performed in new zealand, the lowest number since 1999 (15,501) the general abortion rate was 173 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, down from 181 per 1,000 in 2010.

Nationwide abortion statistics for new zealand are presented to the house of representatives each year by the abortion supervisory committee the following.

Statistics on the number of abortions performed in new zealand.

Statistics new zealand abortion statistics: year ended december 2012 the number of abortions performed in new zealand decreased in 2012 a total of 14,745 induced abortions were performed in new zealand in 2011, 1,118 fewer than in 2011. We're here to provide impartial information on the abortion services available throughout new zealand, and how to access them. Abortions in new zealand decreased by 7 per cent last year, with 13,137 induced abortions performed in 2014 fully 97 per cent of the medical, or induced abortions. Historical abortion statistics, new zealand compiled by wm robert johnston last updated 24 february 2017 definition of table data (see notes after table for.

abortion statistics in new zealand abortion statistics in new zealand
Abortion statistics in new zealand
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